Bouncing Ball is available in iPhone App store!

Questions about Bouncing Ball game!

Bouncing Ball is available in iPhone App store!

Postby HanaMobile » Wed Sep 21, 2011 1:42 am

Link: ... 32733&mt=8

Do you enjoy the fun to bounce a ball around? Try your luck with Bouncing Ball! Hana Mobile presents Bouncing Ball, an addictive puzzle game of skill and strategy. Tap the screen to make blocks to bounce the ball, your goal is to navigate the ball to the exit block. Be careful, there're many dangerous zones on the road! Play the hard mode to challenge your limit!

- Plenty of fun and addictive
- 20 levels, from easy to hard. We'll add more in the future update
- Nice graphics and background music
- Three mode: easy, normal, hard

Send your comments/suggestions to or visit our website. Enjoy the game!
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