RDesktop Great App but a couple suggestions...

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RDesktop Great App but a couple suggestions...

Postby GeminiPete » Sun May 13, 2012 7:03 am

Hello, I just purchased the full version of RDesktop to use on my New iPad as I am on call this week. I work in the IS Dept for a Hospital, which is a 40 minute drive from my home. Being able to remotely access my workstation to resolve issues I get paged for is quite a fantastic time and stress saver! :-)

I have run into a couple minor issues and thought I'd post them to see if I am maybe doing something wrong, and/or for possible inclusion in the next update for RDesktop! :-)

1. On the iPad, when I am connected to my desktop computer remotely, if I need to tap the very last icon on the upper right ("Actions" - to reset zoom, send windows key or Ctrl + alt+ Del), there is no way to dismiss the menu if I decide I don't need those functions. In fact, the only way to dismiss the menu is to select "Reset Zoom" or send Windows/Ctrl+Alt+Del. On the iPhone/iPod Touch, there is a Cancel Button. Since it is a menu on the iPad, tapping the menu icon again should dismiss the menu but this doesn't work, nor does tapping outside of the menu. It may seem a minor annoyance but if you are working on an urgent problem call, every second can count and having to send the zoom reset then adjust your zoom again can be an added stress! Please fix if you can for the next update, and thank you so much! :-)

2. The Mouse button on the tool bar - could you possibly add either an option to control the mouse button behavior or perhaps even a second Mouse button that would be exclusively for turning on the Right Click, so that the next tap on the desktop screen area would act a right click of the mouse? The virtual trackpad that currently pops up is nice, but a bit cumbersome if all you need to do is right click something. This is another example where being able to quickly produce a right click in an urgent situation would be a very welcome time saver! :-)

3. Zoom/Automatic screen expand to Full Screen Button/Hi resolution option - given the high resolution retina displays on the New iPad and 4th Gen iPod Touch and iPhone 4/4s, it would be fantastic if you could add a button on the toolbar that would open the Remote Desktop Window to full size on the display. As it currently works on the new iPad, when I first connect to my work pc, the RDesktop default just opens in a small window that shows the desktop. It would be really nice (and more intuitive) if it opened expanded to the full size of the iPad screen. Instead you have to manually pinch and expand the display yourself on the new iPad. On the iPhone/iPod Touch 4th Gen, the zoom button (the second button from the left) actually makes the display shrink to a tiny box in the middle of the display (I'm guessing this would be full screen on the non-retina devices?). It would be very nice and quite a time saver if the remote desktop displays would just open full screen as the default action! :-)

4. Keyboards - thank you so very much for te function keys - they allow access to many things that otherwise would be impossible on iOS devices - very nice touch! :-) would it be possible to add some arrow navigational keys as well? They are sorely missing on the iOS keyboard, and the iOS procedure of tap and hold to get the magnify bubble to place the cursor is cumbersome and non-intuitive and bizarre given Apple's normal attention to such details. Trying to do on a remote Windows system is an exercise in extreme frustration! :-) By giving users some simple arrow keys these headaches would be greatly alleviated, until Apple fixes the iOS behavior to match how users intuitively expect such a standard and frequently used function to work.

Thank you so very much for such a fantastic and flexible App! It is an essential application for any I.T. / I.S. Support Staff, and your implementation is very nice. With just a couple changes and additions it will be nearly perfect! :-)
Thank you,
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