How to configure your windows to work with iRemoteDesktop

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How to configure your windows to work with iRemoteDesktop

Postby HanaMobile » Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:52 am

HanaConnect - ZeroConfiguration
Step 1. Download and install the HanaConnect tool
Step 2. Install the tool and use your Gmail account to login by clicking "Connect". If you do not have Gmail, you can get one from
Step 3. After you see the light become green and connected, start the app, click "Sign in" button in top-right, use the same gmail account to log in.
Step 4. You should see your computer now, tap to connect. Or tap the blue accessory arrow to edit settings such as username and password.
Troubleshooting: (1) if you cannot connect, copy the log and send it to us. It will be great if you can let us know your gmail used for login.

If you do not want to use Gmail to login, please follow the section below to do manual setup.

Easy Setup Instructions
Step 1. Make sure your iPhone/iPad can reach your PC through network. For example, they are on the same home network as your PC (using the same router).

Step 2.
Log in to your Windows PC, download the tool from:

Step 3. Run the tool (Allow it to make changes)

Step 4. It should say "Succeeded: Remote desktop has been enabled". Follow the settings given in second part to create a new server settings in the app. If it says "failed" or something in red color, contact us through emails and send us these texts.

Step 5. You should be able to connect.

Extra: If you can connect through WI-FI now and want to connect over 3G, see this instruction: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=22

If you have followed Step 1 to 5 and still cannot connect:
(1) If in step 3, it says "Remote desktop is not supported on this version of Windows". Check your Windows version, if it's XP/Vista/Windows 7 home edition, then the remote desktop is not available since Microsoft has removed it. You can get refund through iTune to return the app.

(2) If you can get to the Windows logon screen, but got error message "Unable to log you because of an account restriction" when log in: Most likely it's because your account does NOT have a password. You can either set a password or disable blank password restrictions by using a policy. See here for instructions:

(3) If you are running Windows XP or Vista without Service Pack 1, you might need to manually change firewall settings to allow remote desktop connection.

(4) If you are trying to connect to your office Windows PC or your PC is behind a router, and your iPhone/iPad is not on the same local network. You need to modify router settings to add port forwarding to forward port 3389 to your PC.
See here for details:

(5) Have your router accepting wireless to wired connection is very important. It could be the reason why your iPhone/iPad cannot reach Windows PC.

(6) Contact us by sending detailed information to hanamobiles A_T gmail D_O_T com

Below is the detailed manual setup instructions. You can follow them to double check if you like.
Manual Setup Instructions
1. Enable Remote Desktop on your computer, see
Windows XP: ... intro.mspx
Windows Vista/Windows 7: ... ows-vista/ ... -questions

- IMPORTANT: For Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server, choose "Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)"
- Modify firewall settings to allow Remote Desktop. You should try to connect from another Windows computer to make sure the Remote Desktop is enabled.
- If you have any anti virus software installed, they probably come with another firewall. Make sure its firewall is set correctly. Google "<your antivirus software name> enable remote desktop" for answers.
- Make sure your iPhone is able to reach your windows PC through network. They can be on the same WiFi network, using same router. Or if you windows pc is behind a router, you need to follow this article to configure:
Advanced info: ... hp/3787386

2. Add a new connection in app by using these settings:
Title: name this connection, say "My Windows XP"
Host Name: your computer IP address or name. Type "ipconfig" in windows commandline, you will see something like "IPv4 address:", these digits are your ip address
Username: your Windows account username
Password: your windows account password
Domain: leave it empty if you are not on a domain.
Colors: set to thousands
Resolution: set to the value you want
Port: 3389 You should NOT need to change the default value.
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