Setup instructions for Mac OS X Leopard/Snow Leopard

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Setup instructions for Mac OS X Leopard/Snow Leopard

Postby HanaMobile » Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:01 am

Setup instructions for Mac OS X Leopard/Snow Leopard
Step 1. Make sure your iPhone/iPad can reach your Mac through network. For example, they are on the same home network as your Mac (using the same router).

Step 2. Follow the instruction here:
The configuration on Mac is done. If you are advanced user and know how to create a setting in the app, skip Step 3. Otherwise you can use the tool offered in Step 3 to get help.

Step 3. Download the tool from and run the extracted VNCMacConfig application, it will show you how to create a new server entry.

Step 4. Start the app on iPhone or iPad, and tap the "+" button on the top left corner to add a new connection using the settings given by VNCMacConfig tool.
Title: name this connection
Hostname: the IP address you get from Step 3 (do NOT add prefix like vnc:// or http://)
Port: default one should be 5900. Only change it if you need to and know how.
Server Type: Choose Mac
Mac OS X Login: Turn this OFF
Username: Leave it blank.
Password: This is the password you set in Step 2

Step 5. You should be ready to go. Post questions here or write us email if you need further help.

f you are trying to connect to your office Mac computer or your Mac is behind a router, and your iPhone/iPad is not on the same local network. You need to modify router settings to add port forwarding to forward port 5900 to your Mac.
(1) Go to ... cindex.htm
(2) Find your router type and click on it
(3) You might see an ads, click on the top right "Click here to skip this advertisement..." if you do not want to download the software
(4) Follow the instructions to configure your router (You might need to establish a dual protocol for both UDP (do UDP first) & TCP)
(5) After configuration, go to
click "vnc" on the right and check whether the port is open or not
(6) You should see it's open and then you can create a new setting in the app and use the IP you saw in step (5)
If it does not work, make sure your router's firewall is not blocking the port 5900. You can temporarily disable router's firewall and give it a try. Note you need to re-enable the firewall and only allow port 5900 to go through.
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