Connect to iMac via LAN or Any External Wi-Fi Network

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Connect to iMac via LAN or Any External Wi-Fi Network

Postby HanaMobile » Wed Sep 21, 2011 1:23 am

Steps to Connect iPod 4G to iMac via your LAN or while connected to any external Wi-Fi Network

These steps worked for me connecting my iPod Touch 4G. I can connect to my iMac either via my LAN or wirelessly from some outside LAN like Starbucks or at any friend’s house that has a router hosted LAN.

These steps are for the internal wireless configuration (i.e., being able to connect to the iMac where the iPod is wirelessly connected to the same wireless or wired network it is on. Following these instructions are the additional steps necessary to connect from an outside LAN to which you have access that provides you access to the internet.)

iPod Touch 4G 32GB
iMac 24
D-Link DIR-655 router

Connect My Mac app from iTunes (Hana Mobile)
Snow Leopard 10.6.6 on Mac
OS 4.2.1 on iPod

On iMac -
1. Click the Apple in Menu bar
2. Click System Preferences
3. Click Network icon in Internet & Wireless row.
4. Click on Ethernet Connected (Should have a green dot next to it)
5. Note (write down) the IP address in the text just below Status: Connected. (Mine said
6. Make a note of all settings. Mine were:
- Configure IPv4: Automatic
- IP Address:
- Subnet Mask:
- Router:
- DNS Server:,
- Search Domains:
7. Change Configure IPv4 to Manually. If this entry is grayed out click on the padlock then enter the administrator password to change to IPv4 configuration.
8. Set IP Address to IP noted in step 5 above.
9. Add DNS Server addresses previously noted in step 6.
10. Add Search Domain found in step 6 above.
11. Click on the padlock to lock in your settings.
12. Click on Show All button
13. Click on Sharing icon found in third row.
14. Unlock padlock if it is locked.
15. Click box next to Remote Management.
16. Select options you want active from drop-down list.
17. Click OK.
18. Click on Computer Settings button.
19. Check the box next to VNC viewers may control screen with password:
20. Enter any password you can remember. You will use it configuring the Connect My Mac (CMM) app below.
21. Click OK.
22. Click on the padlock to lock in your settings.

On the iPod -
1. Download the free version of Connect My Mac (CMM) from iTunes
2. Tap the CMM icon
3. Click the “+” in the Servers window to add your Mac as a server.
4. Enter something like “My Mac on my LAN” into Edit Title field.
5. Enter the IP found in step 5 of On iMac - section above.
6. Enter any password you entered in step 20 of On iMac - section above.
7. Port field is already filled in (5900)
8. Type field is already filled in (Mac)
9. Tap blue Save button
That completes setup on the iPod/iPhone.

On your router -
(These steps are for a D-Link DIR-655 but the process is similar on other routers. You are going to set up Port-Forwarding.)
1. For your router’s configuration instructions visit this web page: ... cindex.htm
2. Find and Click on your router found in the list of routers.
3. The next window that pops up is basiclly an advertisement for PFConfig but notice the words “Click here to skip this advertisement...” found in upper right side of window. Click on that text. This will take you to step-by-step written instructions on how to configure your router found in step 2. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY! This is a critical part of the installation. If done correctly you will Open port 5900 on your router.
4. When you finish with the router set up go to this web page ( to verify you opened port 5900 on your router.
5. In the column on the right side of this page find 5900 VNC. Click on it.
6. Immediately, under the Remote Address box will be a message like, “Port 5900 is open on I
7. Make a note of the IP you see. (You will need it to configure CMM to see your Mac from a 3G network or any other network you have access to.)
8. If you don’t see “... port is open ...” you have not configured your router properly. Go back to the "On your router" steps above and do it again until says it’s open. When it is, your are done!!!!!!

If you are inside you LAN start CMM tap your server. If your Mac is on and not in standby you should see its display on your iPod.

To do the same (connect to iMac) from outside your LAN

1. Revisit the On the iPod instructions above and add a second server by tapping on the “+”.
2. Name it differently, like WAN Connection
3.The only change you’ll need to make is to enter the IP found in step 7 of On your router - above in the Hostname field.
4. Save your new configuration. Don’t forget to enter the same password you used before.
5. Go to your remote login location (away from your LAN).
6. Tap the CMM icon on your iPod.
7. Tap on Wan Connection. After a short bit of time your Mac’s screen should show up on your iPod.

The biggest problems that will cause failure are, your passwords don’t match or you didn’t configure your router correctly and port 5900 is NOT OPEN.

Some notes:
If the Mac to which you are making a connection is in Stand-by (black screen on the Mac) you will NOT be able to connect. You will see a “Connection Failure” notification instead. The Mac display must be active.

Once you get CMM working you’ll probably want the Pro version. I recommend it. It’ll make CMM a lot more functional.

If you are having problems getting the Free version of CMM working, Do NOT buy the Pro version thinking it will fix your connection problems. It won’t. The free version is not working because you’ve done something wrong setting it up. Start over and make sure you’ve followed every step.

One benefit of the Pro version is it will allow connections to multiple servers which means you'll be able to set up a "server" configuration on your iPod that will connect you while on your own LAN and a second "server" configuration that will let you connect to your Mac from an external LAN. the free version only allows one connection path (server configuration).

But, if you have a Windows PC it will work but only with certain Microsoft O/S’s. Example: It will NOT work with XP Home Edition. If you have XP Home, do NOT buy the Pro version thinking it will work. Bottomline: Search this forum for information on which Microsoft OS’s will work with CMM.

Good luck!

COMMENTS: I love it! Works great! The response time (screen update time) as seen on iPod is a little slow when going from application to application on the iMac while controlling the iMac from the iPod but it is definitely doable and adequate. You won't want to spend your whole day working remotely but to quickly fetch some information or change something, or look at a photo Connect My Mac is up to it

Occasionally, within a few seconds after first startup on the iPod the connection will be lost or breaks so, you'll have to connect again. Once you get a solid connection it becomes very reliable.

I tried playing a song on iTunes when connected to a iMac via the iPod. That didn’t work. It did not play on the iPod but it DID play through the speakers on the Mac!
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